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Wair Max

We partnered with Ishod Wair and the Nike SB team to create an ownable moment for the launch of Wair Max that would give consumers deeper insight into Ishod’s personality while embodying the story behind his second SB signature shoe. The collection of assets and supporting elements, lead by a highly-curated key visual, provide a glimpse into the intension that Ishod brings to skating, design and all aspects of his life. An infectiously confident laid back sensibility is juxtaposed against the control and intensity of how he skates throughout the Wair Max ecosystem of design echoing his fluid style that makes everything the former Skater of the Year rides look easy and approachable. The floating bench becomes the physical embodiment of the Wair Max story mimicking Ishod’s seemingly effortless aura and quickly delivers the lightweight Air Max cushioning message. The sculptural piece almost feels skateable while providing embedded references to the multitude of Ishod’s favorite Air Max features pulled into the Wair Max design as well as hinting to the franchise’s first marketing expression in it’s backlit viz air window—a nod to the 1987 “Nike-Air is not a shoe” ad with it’s now ubiquitous back lit air bag. The full collection of creative elements within the Wair Max initiative are driven by simple clear messages that consumers can see and feel quickly and intuitively, while also delivering DNA infused storytelling that is worthy of being included in the canon of Air Max—the most iconic footwear technology platform of all time.