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Find Your Fast

A global media event launching Nike Running’s next multi-season footwear and apparel proposition. Within a limited conference center footprint, the event provided visiting media extensive product information and a range of tactile experiences through creative space programing. The open floorplan facilitated clear connectivity and a unifying message of innovation with each area contributed to the overall storytelling ecosystem including tangible product insights within both guided and self-discovery moments.

Experiences revealing the innovations that help athletes* find every advantage.

Through extensive discovery sessions with product development teams, our design team crafted a body of integrated content that worked on various levels to give media a look inside the process and the driving data, research or insights that validate the product. Elevating these moments allowed the product teams to deliver sometimes complex ideas easily and simply ensuring their technical and design advantages effectively kicked off the larger comms plan with intention.

Product Education

Placeholder: What began as a product launch for media, was proofed out on the track in Beijing. An athlete hospitality experience within the Olympic Park adjacent to the Bird's Nest catered to all traveling athlete needs as well as their families and support teams.


Guided Storytelling

To simplify and amplify key product features and innovation, a collection of props, data and key insights were created in collaboration with each product team to provide the tools needed when guiding media through each story.


Self Guided Interaction

To contextualize the product benefits within the Athlete* experience, the media attendees were invited to explore and interact with through tactile moments that create a deep and more emotional connection.