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A brand that is a reflection of the communities they serve, is a brand that needs to embrace constant change while staying true to the DNA that is the ongoing invitation to collaborate on a collective future vision. Converse has been the ubiquitous platform for popular culture, and more importantly a catalyst for individual self expression. The brand completely believes in the diverse reasons we still feel this connection, regardless of whether we’re trail blazing thought leaders or part of the masses trying to find our voice.   

How these aspirational and intimate ideas are visualized are as varied as the people who believe in them. To meet that spirit of self expression and showcase the endless range of ways a person can embody the truest version of themselves, the Big-Giant brand team works through a process that allows that need to guide the content’s direction with the goal of aligning with the narrative of each season’s “moment in time” global initiative, as well as provide a logical stepping stone to the next creative embodiment of the brand’s ultimate vision.

Each season, our teams collaborate to strategically breakdown the narrative, message and specific vibes to envision content that will be unquestionably aligned to meet the wide range of integrated marketing needs while delivering on the initiatives core message in service of the overarching long-term brand narrative. As a key aspect of staying true to the Converse mission of providing that platform for self expression, a key component is allowing the individuals from the brand’s communities and their own inspiring user generated content to directly play a role in defining the direction of content creation. It’s a process that requires the assimilation of an extremely varied set of influences and the discipline to stay honest about what we can or should bring into the creative mix. A truly inclusive vision allows the communities we’re serving to see their current and future self within the content—that trust is critical to achieving great content and an inspiring responsibility that fuels evolution.

The team is also often tasked with bringing the product team’s vision to life and capturing either the spirit of their creative intent, the technical aspects of the product or simply documenting to give the consumers the best understanding of the product so the process of purchasing anything from the brand is a trusted experience.

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